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Resource consent Kylie project

Hazel-Hewitt & Associates Ltd provides Resource Consent consultancy services assisting clients with Resource Consent applications. The range of services includes the processing and monitoring of applications on behalf of Councils to the submission of applications on behalf of Local Bodies, Corporates and individuals.

Hazel-Hewitt & Associates Ltd are fully familiar with the issues associated with the Resource Consent Applications and are qualified to produce for its clients excellent advice and service.
Hazel-Hewitt & Associates Ltd offers a wide range of services in all aspects of environmental assessments, resouce consent procedures and applications, working in association with other professionals to produce comprehensive reports and applications.

The following are a sample of the resource consent projects Hazel-Hewitt & Associates have been involved with:

Land Use Consents

  • Land UseEarthworks
  • Quarries
  • Cleanfills
  • Subdivisions
  • Works in water course

Discharge to Water or Ground

  • Resource ConsentWashing Facilities
  • Water Treatment

Stormwater Treatment

  • Industrial & Commercial
  • Residential Detention

Air DischargeDischarge to Air
  • Odour & Dust control