Landquip designs and manufactures smart equipment for the rural sector 'Engineering Growth' is how we aim to help the agricultural and horticultural sectors to which we supply products.

In 2015, Landquip aquired the Forklift division of the business from Hustler Equipment, leading name in tractor-mounted forklifts...


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Engineering Growth

The Landquip team includes experienced engineers that design and develop their unique range of products.

Landquip is a family business with established relationships globally, giving customers the opportunity to source good quality, proven products from a reliable source.

Along with their standard range of products, they can also build specialised equipment, conduct repairs, do contract engineering and are experienced aluminium fabricators.

The name Landquip encompasses what the company does best, making smart equipment for the rural sector.

Landquip's move to bigger facilities in 2007 was due to company growth with demand for products such as grape harvesting bins, orchard ladders, sheep handling equipment, ATV trailers and more recently tractor-mounted forklifts.

In February 2015, Landquip aquired the Forklift division of the business from Hustler Equipment, a leading name in this feild for over 54 years. Landquip's facility stretches over 5ha, much of which is productive orchard, but along with the purpose-built engineering building there is plenty of room for demonstrating their stock management equipment. It also means they have room to keep up their research and development, testing and trialing of new agricultural and horticultural systems to improve efficiencies and make changes to suit their customer needs and help you, as any valued customer, 'engineer growth' in your own sector.

Our Mission Statement

To provide quality equipment to the rural sector from an innovative company that 'engineers growth' to our mutual benefit.